I love men. Yes, I am a committed feminist, and the best friend a woman can have, aside from modesty. I am faithful, patient, courageous, partner, and for the most part, positive.

But I love men.

I love my male friends, who make me laugh with their peculiar way of self-deprecation and mockery that only friends can do, and everything that is different from women: the firmness of opinions, the choice of few paths, the non-contestation of all matters in the world, the straightfoward to choose clothes.

What is it? It is the light way of looking at life, which only man knows how to lead.

 So I can’t be angry with men who make my friends crazy, unbearable, unloved, or in a bad mood. I feel sorry for them, but not angry with them.

The most common thing about my girlie friends is being angry or penalizing the guy who is cheating a friend. I do not. The man has LITTLE to do with it.

Every year, I come across a situation where many women would love to crucify the man, but not the poor cheated girl. And I’ve seen this situation countless times. Always the same story and worse, always the same ending. Sad.

Think with me. You always have friends who wants  to get married, get together, have a great love. Children, maybe not, but a love to call your own and post on social networks. She found a magic boy, similar in age, similar tastes, quite wealth (at least to pay his own bills), and good looks. They went out 2 or 3 times, always a nice chat, good tune. They didn’t engage at first, but once a week, they dated. He sent cute messages. “Did you arrive at home well?”, ” I miss you already?”, “I miss your kiss”.

Have you located your friend yet? The time for the holiday came, after about 2 months. She loves to travel, whenever she has the opportunity, she leaves town, even alone, if she doesn’t have a company. . And then, the boy start giving (cheap) excuses to your best,  because he’ll have to work on the 30th, he’ll have to take care of the cat, he’ll have to water the plants, his uncle is sick, he’ll have to work (damn, that excuse is cruel, huh?) etc. …

Obviously for those who already know your friend, and she is a hell of a sidekick and smart ass, she knows that everything is EXCUSE from the boy to not compromising his precious holiday exclusively with her.

So she  play dumb  as well and swallow those excuses. And play her own excuses to avoid be out of town and have fun with friends. She really have to work.  She Take care of the sick uncle and feed the bird.

So far, nothing more. Each one takes care of its own life. The problem is the wailing wall that we will turn over later.

Well, what happened: the boy decided to travel yes. Without her. He sent himself to the beach. He sent a message of “happy holiday with many emojis”

At those times, the middle finger emoji is missing.

She did her best to ignore this fact, said that she had no money to travel, that it was better to stay in the city to advance some things, and after spoiling the entire holiday, she collapsed at confidential dinners with us.

And then I wonder, why is she, and so many women in the world, like that? Why do they, despite years of preaching equality between the sexes, financial independence, still make themselves little princesses and when a boy appears, do they wait for him to bring the crystal shoe?

If he didn’t invite you up to a week before, sorry baby, he’s not that into you. So what should she have done? Having planned your trip, with friends, since the option to travel with a boy will not happen.

Learn one thing, girls: If the boy likes you he will invite you. Not on the day, a week before  . If he likes you  and can’t travel, he’ll find you later. Why do the ladies think that if she gives them a reason not to meet, he won’t be looking for her anymore, and so she missed the great opportunity of her life?

Or do you want to be the first to invite? Go there and invite him. If it went bad, you still have fun travelling with friends.

So, my friends, who is to blame? From the poor boy, who didn’t have the courage to say NO to my friend, or she, who ended up on a sunny holiday with an empty city? Reflect.

Don’t be submissive to a boy. If he is indecise, ask if he is going to travel together with you. New Year’s Eve on the beach. Saturday’s meeting. The weekend in Countryside. Yes . No . Maybe. Maybe when? Give me a date, because then I have time to program something else. I prefer to travel with you, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll go with my friends. Whats the matter in explaining this?

 If the boy is yours, my pal, he will be yours. He will schedule the weekend, he will understand you and even be jealous. If it is not yours, it will go away. Each to his side. There is even a naughty boy who lets go of one of these: “Wow, you’re pushing me away. Everybody wants you ”. Don’t fall for it. You’re a nice, powerful mona, you want a guy, but you don’t beg. You are the best!