When is the time to let go.
In July 2016  i was 3 months ahead of turning 40. And one very special milestone was pointed in my life.

I said goodbye to my old company. Founded by my father in 1965, I spent 22 years of my existence working from monday to saturday.  It was time to go. My father had recently a diagnosis of prostate cancer, very in the beginning, but alarming. And i was fed up of working so hard in a place where i didn´t feel so good anymore. Also, with the brazilian crisis that came abrupt in 2014, we were basically losing money or working hard to make end meets.  Either we continue and jeopardize part of our patrimony, either we close and be happy.

On the closure day,  we had a barbecue with the employees, sold the remaining furniture, and that´s it.

I think i was afraid of losing it, and be sad that ended, but it wasn’t. It was more melancholy for a while.

Melancholy that things end one day. And all that remains is up to you. You decide whether you get attached to old days or get over it.

But after 3 years of this new routine, here I am, still alive. I shower every day, wake up at 8am (maybe a few days at 9am), work at least 6 hours a day, and my company, if not yet a success, already has its customers. Oh yeah, and i have a lot more time to finally do what i most love in life: travel.

I wonder how we stick to some routine and people, because we automatically think we need to stick with it.

A relationship, where the boy is considerate, but does not love you much.

A job where you have a nice team but don’t mess with your neurons. And still surrounded by snakes on all sides

A friendship where you have a good time, but do not trust the person or agree with their ethics.

A restaurant you always go to because the price is good and close to home, but you don’t even remember what you ate the next day.

Weekends you go to the mall, club and cinema, when you should be somewhere far away.

Remember I said one of my life mantras is the FUCK YOU button? I did that when I closed the company.

When my father had cancer, the wors thing  happened was that some friends or so called  came to him about the cancer, and worse, remembering others who died of the disease . It wasn’t one or two, it was the majority. And they weren’t enemies. Conclusion: My father had a stroke (mild) but it was definitely from the bad vibes people even close to him emmaned. It´s a human weakness, everybody is curious about other´s tragedy.

So he decided to turn away from those people and politely asked to shut the f* up those curious.

So my dears, I think turning 40 is a perfect excuse, or milestone in life,  call it whatever  you want, the perfect time for you to take a turn in your life.

Life is too short for so so relationships, wasted weekends with people you should avoid, jobs that take away their self-esteem. Turn on the FUCK button this time.

Life is only one. There is no replay or return. A new life and experiences are waiting for you outside.