I was last week  in an online lecture of “Startup fail”, in short term, courageous entrepreneurs who exposed their businesses that did not work (or about 95% of the businesses in real life.).I watched them telling their stories with a raw exposure, so far from the glitzy and glam world of unicorns of Uber, Airbnb And Amazon, and I learned a nice term:


Very common  and used among millennials and tech savvy, the term pivot is nothing more than:




– Change the business

– Give up the original idea

– You saw that it wasn’t really that and let’s move on

Beautiful term, right? At first I found the greatest stupid icky of the millenials. Another boring term to confuse the heads of the 40 plus and still complicate the understanding of texts, with the sole purpose of leaving the conversation only between them.

Then, I saw how cool it is. PIVOT. It is much better than failing, making mistakes, abandoning.

And in the end, they are right. And we have a lot to learn from them.

Because we still condemn those who fail. Who misses, who tries, who gives the face to hit, who really are in the front battle.

How many of our friends (and I don’t mean enemies, are really friends. But it is from our generation that mirrored the failure of others to have our ego ignited) tried to invest in new businesses, make a cool app, open a store with a new concept, try a career abroad (or a relationship), or even beyond, make a new career in a field never imagined by your acquaintances?

And we waited in our bench and booths, with popcorn and peanuts in hand, to watch their predicted failure and the famous return “with the tail between the legs”?

Ah, come on. Perhaps the millennial generation is not like that, but you and the fans united of Tottenham, Bayern and Real Madrid, were and still are. A shame. Really. We don’t forgive Pivot. Whoever tries, who is daring enough to risk it.

Think of the friend who went after a great lover in the USA, in Norway. Think of the colleague who was sick of his corporate career and invested in a startup. Think about the relative who opened a business at the beginning of the year.

Let us also think of that co-worker who was a super flirt and social climber, but decided to invest in a career focused on the spiritual. What I heard in a joke and gossip about all this was not in the script.

Think now: if you,like me, we are always in some conflict with your ideas and beliefs yourself, who are you to judge the other?

I think that now in a time of Coronavirus and the biggest economic world crisis that is to come, since our grandparents, it has never been more important to leave vanity aside and embrace the term PIVOT.

Pivot in life, relationships, career and business, if necessary. It is not about giving up easily, because of weakness and lack of attempts, but because of the courage to change.

I have 3 great personal projects that have been in the water still for at least a good 3 years. So I had an enlightened mentoring that came in handy, as to why I am procrastinating and pushing these projects. It is only one reason: the fear of pivoting.

But for many millennials, these same young people who we the Generation X and Baby boomers laugh at their stereotypes, their inability to concentrate and lack of corporate loyalty, pivoting is necessary.

Who does not pivot does not live, does not grow, does not get where he wants. And they are swimming with just one arm while we stay in our emotional box laughing at the failures of others today, which tomorrow will become much stronger.

As I said, I think that there will be progress for Humanity, especially for my generation. In many areas we will continue to be the same crap, but in others, there will be growth. Let us abandon this box of futile and false security.

Allow yourself to pivot. And if they judge you, throw them out of your life. Judgment does not pay your bills or correct your mistakes and attitudes, friends.

But your life does. And there´s only one if i am not wrong.