With the isolation extended in the country, people constantly ask me if I haven’t gone crazy living in a compact apartment.

No, I didn’t .

Yes, I envy those who own a country house  or a beach cottage, or like the huge house I lived before with family,  where my room size was the size of my current apartment.

But when I think about cleaning a 5-bedroom house, I am happy in my 64 m2 apartment, which is already quite big for the concept of current compact dorms.

I think resilience is the key word for you to pass this pandemic sane.

I found several places in my tiny apt that are my nests of peace when I am a little disturbed by the TV news, with fights on WhatsApp groups, with friends who are forced to isolate themselves from their family to take care of others, and still, be outraged and called out in the streets.

I have my room, warm and full of soft and silkening sheets. And for the first time in 10 years I turned on the TV in the bedroom that had never been turned on, and it has been a delight to watch TV lying in bed. No breakfast in bed still, I can´t stand breadcrumbs in my sheets…

I have the living room to work (which has an incredible  natural light), I have a tight kitchen where I can manage to cook some new recipes poorly, but my little corner of peace is undoubtedly my tiny balcony.

This balcony was chosen by me as the soothing, cozy corner, like a hug from a mother or grandmother.

There I have a rule: no work, no virtual class, no webinars, no talking. Just empty the cache.

In a micro space of 2.70 by 1.50 I have the right to a hammock, which I often take a nap or spend hours thinking about life.

I have a beach chair to feel that yes, ridiculously and only with myself, I am on the beach, with my feet immersed in an impromptu scalding.

I also have a table with stool that every Sunday I have a brunch with the right to cheap national sparkling wine (or not) and Benedictine eggs.

It’s not over yet: I have a chaise lounge with several beloved cushions where I sit, sleep, lie down, light candles with vanilla scent, incenses, looking at the little sky that the big buildings around let me see, and the occasional lonely pedestrians on the street .

I know it is not easy at times to find your little corner of peace. In a 4-bedroom house but a lazy husband and 3 hyperactive children taking virtual classes for the first time, it can be an almost impossible case.

It can also be difficult for those who have a 30 m2 apartment without a balcony and share it with a spouse. But it can be your own room for a few hours a day, with a loving “do not disturb” sign. In an insane time like this, make your corner of sanity: peace.

And it is not necessary to go shopping even if virtually everything that can improve your corner, especially because we put deliverers at risk.

Suddenly, you have everything you need in your home: a candle, a nice armchair (and it can even be a 50 bucks beach lounger), a quiet Spotify playlist, an aromatic candle or some essential oils that I love , a sweet treat because yes, it is allowed in the pandemic to gain a few extra pounds.

 An old photo album, a book you’ve read about 10 times but it’s always fun to read (mine is Bridget Jones – the first) And allow yourself! Life outside continues, with its alarming news, the children fighting, the absent husband, parentes trying to go out, the always depressed friend calling you.

But you have to have your moment of peace. Everyday.