I realized that ALL AIRLINES (all, without exception) are the same the coward men, as we nickname in Brazil João sem braço (John armless).

Who are they? Where did they come from? How do they survive?

The Airlines. They were no good companies even before the pandemic.

I curse them, but as I love to travel, I have to be their customer.

Yes, maybe I should be stronger and stop traveling so as not to leave my money in the hands of those guys. It wasn’t going to kill me. But make me sad for sure.

Well, even before the pandemic I already suffered from everything in the hands of these airlines: Latam, Gol, American Airlines (which I promised myself never to fly again), Avianca. Flights canceled. Postponed flights and endless wait at the airport for more than 10 hours to avoid paying a daily hotel fee. The worst of all American Airlines: they treat the customer like garbage. Loss of luggage, lame plane, in short, I’ve already caught every possible and imaginable situation,

After the pandemic, it has now become a whore for good. Of those who get HIV, HPV and Syphilis.

Giving a discount because the pandemic took everyone by surprise and yes, every company was put to the test of survival indefinitely, and mainly because the tourism sector was the most affected, still it is not possible to forgive the actions that airlines and brazilian mileage companies like 123 miles and maxmiles are doing it with their consumers.

Short and thick example: I purchased a millionaire ticket in September for 123 miles to fly to Fernando de Noronha for the new year. Less than 2 weeks before boarding, I check on the airline website Azul (only lightly, because I have not received any communication about flight changes so far) and I see that my reservation has been changed for the following day. Immediately I think of the billionaire value of the pousada paid in Noronha, as well as the tours and fees of the 25th and 26th.

I send email. Nothing. I’m going to chatbot. Nothing. Complaint by phone only. After 4 hours of waiting, an attendant tells me it is for me to send an email and wait for a response. I did. Answer: “Due to the pandemic, our service is taking longer than usual. We will inform you up to 24 hours before the flight ”.

I’m going to the Azul and 123 miles website. The same day flight leaving just an hour earlier is there, FOR SALE. it stayed for 3 days straight on the site, and I printed the screens like crazy mad and sent them by email. My friends even bought the same flight, on the same day that 123 miles told me they were still negotiating with the airline .

I’m going to the website again to see how my reservation is. My flight changed to the original day. How nice. What the fuck! The flight is at night, it has two stopovers instead of one, one being 12 hours in Recife. Nice window of time for me to get a COVID-19.

New answer: that is the same as nothing. Due to the pandemic, we are taking longer than usual. Wait.


It looks like the guy who cheated on you, who betrayed you, who did shit and suddenly disappears? Does not respond. Roll it up. Some. Sepulchral silence.

After 4 months it reappears out of nowhere in a cute message. Like 123 miles saying you have a gift for you: a 15% discount on the next trip.

Before, we were passionate, silly.

The boy was too cool to say no. Maybe I was TOO tough to him. Second chance.

Traveling is wonderful. The anger has passed, give me the discount there.

Today, it won’t. The rush passes, but the shit stays. Forever in the heart.

Do you know what I hate most about the airlines and the guy João armless?

They know they did shit.

And yet, instead of facing the situation and putting it on clean plates, they pretend they never did it.

Then, when we need to talk, they disappear. You can’t do it over the phone, send an email and when I have the answer, I’ll send it. That never comes.

It would be minimally worthwhile for me to call 123 miles, and a call that would solve everything. I was going to talk to the decision maker inside, and she was going to give me the viable options. No frills, only the available. Score. It is up to me to decide or take action against them. Maybe I wouldn’t even move, given the minimally worthy act of admitting that I was wrong and yes, it is clarifying the situation and yes, giving me options to decide.

It would be minimally worthy for the guy who gave me a stray, who did shit, to call or send me an email explaining what happened and why he did it. He does remember. Everything that happened. Don’t come with this one you don’t even know, because you do!

It would be more worthy than to reappear after 3, 4 6 months from the depths and start talking from scratch.

Airline is the same. They hope that with the silence and the delay in the return, I end up deciding to travel, and have a trip so wonderful that I will forget about this incident quickly.

NOT AGAIN. IN MY FORTIES, I began chosing the battles.

Simply i don´t pick the wrong ones anymore. And that my friend, it´s a truly piece of mature and mindfulness.

Resilience is one thing. Muggle is another. Something I learned in my 40s. We reveal some things, others are to learn and punish the other party.

And there are still people who will defend the airline because poor people are desperate in the pandemic. My friends who own stores, bars, restaurants, bakeries, shops, too. They are struggling to keep their doors open, paying out of pocket to keep their loved ones from firing.

But they are not deceiving their customers, selling something and not delivering. Nor does it have the million-dollar budget of 123 miles that did intense marketing actions in the pandemic with famous singers and countless influencers.

I remember that when I had stores, I made a very serious mistake once. A delivery to a long-time customer did not happen, due to internal stock error and lack of material. The seller didn’t want to face it and sent the ball to us. I was in a meeting with someone else and I didn’t answer it. In the end, the problem was resolved. But the trust ended there. Our mistake. I should have stopped everything on the spot and faced the situation, and reversed it on the spot. My mistake, I paid for it. Airline company, and a cowardly man, it has to be the same, girls. They need to pay for the omission, for making us muggles thinking that over time, we forget about the subject and the shit, which was never admitted or clarified. 123 miles? Azul Airlines? Take it to break for good. He lost a client forever. Good fdp and loose? Until never more. I’m going to Noronha this summer, my friends,  and I gave them a nice middle finger .