We all have to agree on something. We speak the truth here. Anyone who has neither children nor animals will agree that we all have more time now with the pandemic. Maybe we work and study more now to adapt to the remote. But there is a greater amount of time. I've noticed more around me. In conversation with people on Whatsapp, when I walk in the neighborhood where I live.
With the pandemic, my distractions and hobbies are restricted.
No more shopping malls, bars and restaurants, meeting friends (snif).
I ended (for now suspended) face-to-face technology classes and guitar lessons, which I swear, was starting to scratch my first chords.
My trips to Santos have ended for now, and my favorite hobby in life: traveling (crying).
What do I have left, as a single girl in the city of São Paulo? Going to the supermarket, meetings and virtual work, NetFlix and creativity to have something to scratch.
Well, I already saw that I don't have the maturity to face a NetFlix. If I start watching a series, I have to finish it even if I watch 30 episodes in a row. And the series can be a little mediocre, and after it's over and the day dawns, you realize how much time you've lost. But I already saw that it is not possible. It's just like pressing play to the devil.
I still have the conversation with friends through Zoom, who goes there, it's something but it's not everything. It lacks that interactivity that only personal contact produces, so much so that virtual meetings are less frequent and shorter, more shallow.
I also have to pay more attention when I get a call from friends or what happens around me.
I have now come to two conclusions.
One, pessimistic. We do have a sick humanity. In a single weekend, I witnessed a group of 5 couples of cyclists, all young and showing good physical and financial health, without any mask protection, chatting in front of a bakery in an upscale neighborhood. Just a reminder that in Brazil we are in the peak, with almost 1200 deaths per day. In 10 minutes, I noticed several elderly people who wisely avoided the place. The owner has lost precious customers. I talked to him. He said he didn't have the courage to intervene, because 2 of the couples are his friends. And you've tried to talk, but it's no use. Better not to insist.
This is not to extend. I saw a worse scene. I was going to stop at a bar to order something to go. A group of 15 people, between men and women, drinking and smoking, and still bullying those who passed by with a mask looking ugly at them. Mask? Not even in their pocket.

I am not an extremist to the point that everyone needs to stay home 100% of the time. I’m not like that. I ocasionally walk,  rides by car, but avoiding crowds, groups and always wearing a mask. It is the least you have to do to respect others. And they weren’t millennials, young stubborn men. They were people like us, from 30 to 40 years old, who already have elderly parents, and most likely are not confined to a distant and millionaire place. Humanity is sick, and Covid-19 just came to see. The lack of empathy with others is a glaring thing today.

On the other hand, I have a positive and encouraging conclusion: there is beauty and humanity in each of us. And differently, because yes, we are human beings, unique in their essence and spirit. I have my humanity. Maybe a little generic. I am part of social actions, I contribute to 3 NGOs, I work voluntarily in one. I like animals, I like people. First I believe, then I pay to see.

I think that in the world there are more good people than bad people, and the bill hits and is worth it. I grew up a little. I try to be less malicious, to gossip less, to try to spread only the good news. Of course, as a human, I make mistakes. Ever. But always less. My friend has another kind of humanity: she may not be part of NGOs, nor can she contribute financially. But his kindness is in attitudes that I, for example, never had the courage.

 She bravely rescued a puppy a few days ago who was almost run over at a busy avenue. The owner, a nice-looking young man, has been living on the streets for a while and has several dogs. Most people, and I may include myself at some point, tend to see what we think is beautiful, because it is more convenient, less painful, and easier.

People tend to see that the street boy, despite his miserable situation, still welcomes 5 to 10 dogs, treating them like his children. Who stops eating to give it to them. Anyway, we see poetry where there isn’t.

My friend saw the reality, because she goes there every day. This young man is in good health, but pretends to be sick. He pretends to take care of the dogs, but in the end leaves them to the mercy of luck when he goes looking for drugs or fun. With 2 puppies on your lap, the donation money is much easier. So he makes the dogs his livelihood They are not your children, they are your way of life. Not all homeless people are like that. We hope not.
And in the midst of so many cowards like us, my friend had the vision of seeing the little dog almost run over, almost starving. And she rescued her, not caring about the gossip from neighbors and the threat from the boy, who lost his valuable mine of money.
This friend of mine is not a professional activist, does not appear on TV, does not post on social media to garner likes. She saw a lost and helpless soul, and rescued her. That simple.
I never had that courage. Despite loving animals. I have already failed to rescue many, I have already failed to rescue a puppy that came after me, in my old house. I think of her today. But I never took a step forward.
My friend, she didn't think twice. She is not rich, she has no money left, but she has health, dignity and above all, humanity.
Is there greater beauty in humanity than this? I doubt it.
I never forget that saying of the man who was on the beach, returning baby turtles to the sea, among so many thousands who were being devoured by birds and stranded on the sand. When asked by another man why he was making such a futile effort in greatness, since it was impossible for him to help all, if not most, he replied, handing over one more to the sea: “I made a difference for this one”.
Once again I say. For skepticals that humanity will remain the same or even get worse. This Covid bitch didn´t came for nothing. We will survive. And we will improve.