I am writing this text in honor of my recently completed 44 years old and for my father, who  have the birthday on the same day as me, a proud 83 years very well lived.

What is it to be young? For me It is having a mind free of worries.

To be young is to have lightness of spirit.

It is not caring for criticism of your appearance, how you behave in places, your work or lack of it.

young is being able to dye your hair the color you want (even black), showing yourself, and enjoying life, without judgment or misery.

young is that happy child of life, where affects her. Except for the lack of chocolate.everything can be good, and nothing

My dad once told me you’re too old to travel, to eat good chocolate, to use good hair products, to go to a trendy restaurant.

Bullshit. You can now travel, go to trendy restaurants (as long as you like) and eat the best chocolates. Rather use the best hair products. Because you will know if you will live to be over 100 years old, you need to take care, see?

A happy birthday to my role model from the heart, which taught me to be what I am today, with great pride. But with ethics, caring, guarded heritage and above all, the individual who won and knows what he wants, and bank his decisions. Never lose your youth. The wrinkles and the lazy body are just details that a good photoshop solves.

And a happy birthday for me, as a young girl on a wonderful trip, in a time of pandemic. I managed to go to one of my favorite places in the world, which is perfect for social distance, Boipeba, in Bahia. But I will talk about this magical trip in another post, because it deserves it. Again!

But there I went back to being the young girl I always was. The pandemic made me forget about it a little. But there I became YOUNG again with all the letters in upper case. I walked barefoot, wearing the same dress every day, tousled, messed and uncomb hair, ate everything I wanted, played with all the dogs and cats that came to me(including humans), went into the sea every day, bathed in the river at dusk, and watched sunset every day!